MSC Cruises is constantly striving to make their journeys and ships friendly to families and children. A holiday is a precious occasion when families can bond, with a little help from LEGO® and Chicco

Taking your children on holiday can be a challenging enterprise. Parents are faced with a multitude of questions: where to go, when to go, and what kind of holiday will best suit the needs of their children?

Holidays are a classic demonstration of G. Easterbrook’s progress paradox theory: the more material security we have, the more we are uncertain, anxious and convinced that we could do better. Choosing a holiday has become a potential source of excessive yet pointless worry. Holidays are important yet delicate moments in family life; they involve leaving behind your daily routine, changing your timetable and meeting new people! They are stimulating and satisfying yet a possible source of apprehension.
MSC Cruises aims to sweep away doubts and quell any uncertainty; a cruise is the ideal holiday for any family with children. On MSC Cruises ships there are areas, environments and services developed to satisfy the tastes and needs of grown-ups and the little ones.
At MSC Cruises, we have put family needs at the heart of our efforts to make our ships safer and more comfortable, starting with the cabins and combinations of family cabins, including those on our new Seaside ships.
MSC Cruises rigorously trains the on-board staff dedicated to children and teens, and has joined forces with qualified partners such as Chicco and LEGO to make your holiday more fun and relaxed.
The LEGO Group has supplied a vast selection of toys to unleash those creative imaginations.

The project is separated into five different age groups ranging from nought to eleven. One day of each cruise is completely dedicated to these famous coloured bricks; all participants receive the LEGO Master Builder diploma from the LEGO Sailor Walkabout mascot.

All the latest Chicco products for infants will be available to everyone travelling with a newborn. Parents with children under three years old will find on-board digital bottle warmers, pushchairs, bouncer chairs and Caddy Knapsack child carriers. The kids’ entertainment staff have created the fun-filled MSC Baby Care programme for smaller children, while parents can relax elsewhere, and the MSC BABY TIME programme invites parents to take part in the fun and games.
Special menus and excursions, shows and parties, sports tournaments and swimming pool games are also planned with families in mind.

With MSC Cruises, the whole family grows and has fun together on a holiday that will become a precious memory to treasure and make you long to get back on board with us for your next holiday as soon as possible!

Information and details can be found on the website, in the new brochure and in travel agencies.

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