MSC expands its range of emotions developing partnerships with the best chefs in the world to ensure guests enjoy new and exclusive sensations with their special dishes, by discovering cultures and tastes. An MSC holiday is a unique experience, even at the table. Now it’s time to discover the progressive Italian cuisine with the talented and famous Carlo Cracco touch.
“If you want to be cool, respect what you eat”
This is the philosophy of one the most famous chefs in Italy: Carlo Cracco.
After being chef in some of the most important and rewarded Italian restaurants like “Gualtiero Marchesi” in Milan, or “Enoteca Pinchiorri” in Florence, Carlo Cracco accepted in 2001 an invitation from the Stoppani family, owner of Milan’s famous gourmet shop “Peck”, in Milan since 1883, to open “Cracco-Peck Restaurant”.
Since then, it has been awarded two Michelin stars.
In 2007 Carlo Cracco has been the sole owner of “Ristorante Cracco”, Milan, and it has been listed in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.
Cracco is by now one of the three judges of the TV series Masterchef Italy, one of the most famous food reality shows and, since 2014, the judge of Hell’s Kitchen Italia.
Not only a chef, but a celebrity.
The Cracco signature
Chef Cracco is a leader in the new generation of progressive Italian cuisine.
He offers a high level cuisine marked by the great nuances of the Italian tradition, where the name of the recipe is of secondary importance compared with how it is cooked and served. His dishes are created with a wide range of products, textures and aromas, using the best seasonal product.

Starting from Summer 2016, a special recipe specifically made for our valued MSC guests will take part in our exquisite Gala Menu.
Come on board and discover the new foods of MSC Cruises.