The new MSC Cruises brochure Full of wonder

It has been designed to give travellers a telescopic view as far into the distance as May 2017. As our world becomes increasingly globalised and familiar, the feeling of wonder has become an ever more rare experience. The eyes, the mind and the heart must all be engaged to be able to experience a sense of wonder, the excitement that enhances our lives. 600 cruises worldwide offer extraordinary opportunities.

MSC Cruises is here to help its travellers savour the wonderful taste for discovering new places, people and all sorts of beautiful, unexpected and surprising sensations. Wonder has been, and so it remains, one of the distinctive features of all great civilisations. The Egyptian pyramids and Greek temples were, and still are, astounding, as are the splendours of the Gothic cathedrals and skyscrapers of the Emirates. Wonder is able to transcend the boundaries of time and breathe new life into mankind. Truly experiencing wonder brings out the best in us.

The new MSC Cruises brochure is available in travel agencies and online at, and it will take travellers on a journey of discovery and wonder to 210 destinations, with 2000 excursions and 600 cruises across all seasons.
The first part of the brochure is dedicated to the inimitable style of MSC Cruises. The modern and eco-friendly fleet is becoming even more inviting with the arrival of the new ships from the Renaissance programme and the Vista and Seaside ships of the future, which are expected to benefit from the investment of five billion euros. Superb cuisine, using the highest quality ingredients, original international shows and rejuvenating wellness and beauty treatments are just some of the delights on offer. Fun is guaranteed for all age groups and special attention is given to families and children, thanks to our partnership with Chicco and Lego®. Bella, Aurea, Fantastica and MSC Yacht Club are the four experiences on offer, allowing everyone to find their ideal holiday on board.

The routes available with MSC Cruises can be found in the centre of the brochure. Five ships set sail from Venice towards the East to explore the art, history and culture of the Mediterranean; MSC Fantasia makes her début amongst the fjords, glaciers and capitals of Northern Europe, offering the excellence of MSC Yacht Club. Travellers can also choose from the intoxicating rhythms and colours of South America, the natural paradise found in the Antilles and the Caribbean, the skyscrapers and deserts of the Emirates and Oman, the exotic charm of Morocco and the Canary Islands, and the primordial beauty of South Africa. Plus the Long Cruises, MSC Grand Tour and MSC Grand Voyages fulfil the wishes of those looking for a longer journey and sail across the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Oceans for up to twenty-eight days.

The final section of the brochure provides details of all MSC Cruises products, services and offers in a clear, simple format. This information will allow travellers to appreciate the excellent value for money offered by a luxury holiday that is within everyone's reach, especially those booking their first truly wonderful trip.
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