MSC World Cruise

The MSC World Cruise takes you on an unforgettable journey filled with fascinating discoveries both on board and on shore.

Let yourself be pampered by the amazing facilities of our ships and the wide range of on board services, all-inclusive packages, exclusive activities and entertainment options we offer, while discovering amazing destinations all around the world.

In addition to the outstanding hospitality on board, the guests were delighted by an unforgettable culinary voyage of discovery, thanks to international skilled chefs, representing cuisines from different parts of the world and bringing flavours and inspiration from their native country, as well as their own particular skill and style to the World Cruise dining experience.

A program of world-class onboard entertainment was complemented by ambitious, globally-themed team games and quizzes as well as a wide variety of activities to enrich the experience, many of them related to the destinations visited, from language lessons and cultural lectures to dancing with professional performers from around the world.

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